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06:39 pm: Sleep is Good
So this morning I woke up at 7am to go out and join the running club for a morning jog. Unfortunettly it was pouring buckets so me, in my infinite wisdom, decided to go back to bed. I planned on waking up at around 9am so I could work on my sociology paper due later that day. Makes sense, right? It did to me.
What actually happened was this: I woke up at 11:26am with 4 minutes to get dressed, throw my contacts on (literally), grab my books, and run to class, which just so happened to start at 11:30am. The coolest thing is that it worked. I got to class with a few seconds to spare and nobody (other than Corah) knew what had just happened.
I can't tell you how many times I've heard about this kind of thing happening at university/college/post-secondary school. It honestly seems like a right of passage, or something along those lines. If that's the case then, have I just experienced a beautiful, life-affirming moment? I feel like the answer is probably no, but I'm going to pretend like it was.
I feel enlightened now.

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