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08:50 pm: Reading Week
So I've spent all this last week, which I've been looking forward to for nearly a month, sick as a dog. I got home Friday afternoon, like I usually do whenever I come home for the weekend, and everything was fine. I felt good and was really excited for a much needed rest. I've been working my mind and body really hard this semester at school and through all the fitness classes I'm doing. Why am I doing so much fitness? I've discovered that I can't stand have nothing to do for long periods of time: my mind goes wild and it's just not worth it. I don't think I've been overdoing myself either, which is something that I admit I am notorious for doing. So I've been keeping myself preoccupied with a mix of school and fitness, which has been a really good combination as far as my grades are concerned. Last semester I finished with an 85% average, which I was really excited about. People always say that your grade average drops at least 10 or 20% when you go to university, so it was a pleasant surprise to see that it has only dropped by a measly 1% instead. So, anyways, for reading week I had planned to catch up on some reading (not that I had a lot, I just wanted to get ahead so as not to get swamped around mid-terms), do some zumba (that's the one fitness class I can't fit into my school schedule), catch up with some friends, and finish my history essay (due Feb. 26). Needless to say, that didn't work out too well.
I spent Friday night on the bathroom floor-and not from drinking, though god I wish. It just came on really suddenly and that was that. I was out for 2 days after that and feeling pretty badly for 2 days after that. Fun, huh? Sound like the kind of circumstances that I could be productive in? Nope! The only thing that I really managed to do was work on my essay. I'll be done it later tonight with plenty of time for lots of much needed editing. The stupidest part is that now I've got another one of my lovely head colds. Oh well, I guess that's why it's good to be flexible.
I've got some exciting things coming up in the next little bit. Over the next month, I'll be declaring my major as psychology, hopefully in the co-op stream. I'm also going to be going to a musical later in March with my parents, and I always look forward to those. I'll also be looking for a summer job that I can start in May after my surgery. So there will be plenty of little things to keep me going until it's finally warm again! God, on a cold, yucky night like tonight I can only dream of warmth!

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