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University = Cool! Really!

Whew! What a week! I am SO happy and proud to say that I LOVE university life here! It is amazing. The people are amazing, including our lovely don. It makes such a big difference when everyone actually wants to be doing what they're doing. Everything is more genuine that way and it certainly makes all the first years feel a lot more comfortable.
Anyways I had a ton of fun this week. The Block Party with St. Pauls, CG, Rension, and SJ was definately my favourite event of the week but there was always fun to be had no matter where you were. I met some really cool people in my residence and had a blast hanging out with them at some of the events like Roller Skating and Variety Night. Monte Carlo was packed and none of us could get in without standing for two and a half hours outside in line. By the time we finally did get in, they had run completely out of mocktails and everything else, save the fake gambling, was over. Oh well. It was a memory, and I'll know better in the future.
So today I went to the football game. We lost. I think. I left at half time because it started to rain and I was cold. From what I've heard though, I think we lost. Still, it was awesome! I will definately be a sports fan here! In honour of my athletic supportership (if this isn't a word it is now), here's a picture of me done up in my gear with my game-ready face:

Okay, maybe not my most game-ready face, but there it is nonetheless. That's also my dorm room, in case you couldn't tell! It's much bigger than what it looks like and much better decorated too!
Next Monday will be the first day of classes for the school. I'm actually, believe it or not, looking forward to starting classes. As much as I've loved all the fun stuff going on during Orientation, it's been exhausting, and I'll be really glad to develop a normal routine. The classes I have enrolled in also sound really interesting and totally up my alley interest-wise.
I'm actually about to head home any minute now. My folks are picking me up to spend the night at home. They've been really great during this whole thing too. I couldn't have asked for more supportive parents or other resources this week!
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